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Favourite Kids rhythms for Calming, Cool Downs and Bedtime Routines.
 Cool Bananas was created to provide children with a selection of strong, regulated rhythms to support a state of calm, organization and regulation in their nervous systems.

Cool bannanas-Enchanting favourite childrens songs sung at 50 to 70 beats per minute support the dysregulated child as background music during therapy, classroom and home activities (e.g., table top time, play time, bath time, car rides).

Don Campbell, in his book, Rhythms of Learning, discusses the importance of using rhythms of 50 to 70 beats per minute: “The pulse in these slow movements is similar to the rhythm of the human heartbeat and has been found to slow body functions...” Soothing rhythms, songs and meditative sounds are also included on this CD to support bedtime routines, cool downs and quieter therapies.

what theyre saying

  • “These songs support the disregulated child during playtime, bath time, car rides, quieter therapies, and bedtime. No actions accompany these songs. Because these songs are sung at a slower tempo, children with speech difficulties will find these songs easier to sing along with. Ms. Jereb has done another wonderful job here singing and orchestrating these perennial favorites.
  • ...no musical experience is necessary to use these toe-tapping, hand clapping songs which are well performed by Jereb and her musicians. These CDs saved the day this summer for our two children with autism on our lengthy road trip. The only requirement for using these CDs is to press play and have fun.” — Maureen Bennie, Autism Awareness Centre
  • Circle Time-Designed for preschoolers through early elementary, Its Circle Time! makes learning fun. Kids will learn their numbers, vowels, alphabet, weather, days of the week, and more through catchy tunes and sing alongs. The lyrics to these songs were written by special education teacher, Vicki Kitchner, to be used in the classroom or the home setting. Music written and performed by Genevieve Jereb, OTR.

Jumpin' Jellybeans is the newest collection of songs from Gen Jereb and Friends. Inspired by and dedicated to her “Cabin 12 Kids” at Camp Avanti in Hudson Wisconsin USA, this new collection keeps kids involved in directed activities to enhance attention and alertness, provide rhythmic entrainment, improve body awareness, and strengthen overall patterns of respiration. And kids will have loads of fun along the way! The 24-page full color booklet includes lyrics to all the songs, with many activities detailed in the text alongside.

This album includes:

  • the stretching exercises built in to “Starfish” (Im as tall as a tree [stand tall with hands shooting above head] / Im as wide as a bridge [lift arms horizontal])
  • the barnyard sounds of “Party Til The Cows Come Home” (We're gonna shoo in the sheep [baa baa] / Hustle up the horses [blow through lips]) that deepen the breath
  • the deep bodywork built-in to “Push My Blues Away”

With Jumpin Jellybeans, Gen Jereb and Friends once again combine light-hearted, fun musical arrangements with solid sensory processing principles and an Aussie twist.

Say Gday - Sensory Integration through Rhythm and Song was produced as a sequel to the much loved No Worries - Songs for Sensory Modulation. Its a new, creative collection of songs designed to provide teachers, therapists and parents with fun-filled rhythms that support and sustain focused attention, organized movement and effective interaction within the classroom, the home and the clinic.

The songs and rhythms are designed to be playful and engaging, reaching for the “gleam” in the childs eye. Australian sing-a-longs and story telling add a unique flair to the overall flavor of the music. The CD is completely interactive from beginning to end, using call and response sing-a-longs, “Kid Power” chants, full body movement and dancing. Songs to calm and organize are also provided to support regulation for the nervous system biased toward defensiveness.

Its a great gift for the child with Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity, and other regulatory disorders.

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