Fidget Toy Kit Large
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All items specially selected by Genevieve Jereb OT

Large Fidget Tool Kit contains 8 different products. (Plus a free Calico carry Bag).

4 x stretch snakes
4 x stretch lizards
1 x spiky glove
1 x large inside out ball
1 x 4cm Star Fidget Tool
1 x Knobby Corn Kid 
1 x puffer ball
1 x Inside Out Turtle

Please Note : (Kit contains small pieces and is not recommended for children under 3 years of age or developmental ability, not suitable for chewing - recommended to be used under adult supervision).
Some products may rip if overstretched. Not for chewing or biting.

**CONTENTS MAY VARY- alternative items of the same or greater value may be included**

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